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Women Who Ride: Statistics on Female Motorcyclists

Women Who Ride Statistics on Female Motorcyclists

So you think women just wash motorcycles at Harley Davidson rallies? Think again!

How Many Women Riders Are There?

  • In 2003, 9.6% of bikers in America were women.
  • By 2015, that number was 14%.
  • By 2018, that number was 19%.
  • Among Millennials, women make up 26% of riders.
  • Among Gen Xers, women make up 22% of riders.

How Safe Are Women Riders?

  • In 2017, 446 women died on a motorcycle. 59% of those—263—were passengers. That leaves just
    • 183 total deaths among female drivers…
    • compared to
    • 4,724 total deaths among male drivers.
  • Though to be perfectly fair, 33% of women are riding scooters (less than 250cc), which brings the risk factor down.

What Makes Women Riders Safer?

  • 71% of motorcycle owners state that they have taken at least one motorcycle training course during their lifetime.
  • 60 percent of women regularly undergo rider safety courses, as of 2013 (compared to just 42 percent of men)
    • While the true efficacy of safety courses remains undetermined, this stat shows that women are at least actively trying to be as safe as possible.

What Are Women Riding?

  • Here’s how the female two-wheel community breaks down:
    • 34% on cruisers
    • 33% on scooters
    • 10% on sports bikes
  • But before you smirk at scooters (which are topping out these days at 850cc!), consider this:
    • 49% of women prefer to work on their own bikes rather than taking it into a shop

Women Are Moving Motorcycling Forward

Women on motorcycles aren’t “biker babes”—they’re equally as knowledgeable and talented as any man on a motorcycle. Let’s show them the respect they deserve.