“Where’s My Motorcycle?” 5 Things to Do After Your Motorcycle Accident

October 25, 2019

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Motorcycle accidents are extremely disorienting. After your bike goes down, everything turns into a blur. It’s not uncommon for riders to find themselves back at home, maybe after a stay in the hospital, trying to piece together everything that has happened, and what their next steps should be

Here’s what you need to know after a motorcycle accident to get your head back on your shoulders:

1. “Where is my motorcycle?” It’s in the impound.

Accident cleanup has towed your motorcycle to an impound, where it is collecting daily fees. The sooner you can get your motorcycle out of the impound, the less expensive it will be. But you may not be required to pay from your own pocket to get it out of the impound. We help bikers get their bikes out of the impound and into the shop as soon as possible.

2. “How do I get a rental bike, or some other form of transportation?” You’ll need help.

This is more complicated than your typical rental. If the other driver has been labeled at fault, then you are owed for “loss of use.” That means insurance has to pay you for the days your motorcycle is in the shop getting repairs.

If your motorcycle is deemed a total loss after an accident, you are entitled to loss of use compensation for the length of time it took to receive the total loss check.

But remember, you can only make a loss of use claim against the other driver’s insurance. You cannot make a loss of use claim under your own insurance policy.

You are also owed for the bike rental. But if you don’t get insurance to agree to the rental, then you are paying out of pocket and you can only hope to negotiate for payment afterwards.

When you get the help of the Biker Lawyer, you have someone who knows the law and can handle the insurance company. It’s what we do. You have other things to worry about.. Let the Biker Lawyer get you what you deserve while you manage work and family needs.

3. “What are these papers they want me to sign?” Don’t do it.

Insurance companies are banking on you wanting to put an end to the entire ordeal. When you settle quickly, there’s usually something left on the table.

Once you’ve signed papers, there’s little that any attorney can do to help you. Insurance companies know that you are most likely unaware of all the laws, rules and requirements, and they want you to settle before you have claimed everything you are owed.

Having a motorcycle attorney at your side does not come at any out-of-pocket cost to you. You can get more money by having an attorney than you will most likely be able to get from insurance on your own.

“Did I say too much to the insurance company?” No—but don’t talk to them anymore.
The truth is, you don’t always know exactly what happened. You have one perspective, but we hear all the time that the biker never saw it coming. Well if you never saw it coming, how can the insurance company tell you what your accident is worth, or who was at fault? But you can bet the insurance company is going to use everything you say in order to pay as little as possible.

If you’ve said something to the insurance company that you regret, don’t talk to them more to try to walk it back. Instead, get legal help so that an attorney can get insurance companies to play fair. When you have an attorney, you never have to talk to another insurance person again.

4. “Why are they saying my bike is worth so little?” Don’t believe it.

If your bike is deemed a total loss, then either your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company may owe you payment. To determine fair market value, they will do market research, provide you comparable examples, and give you a price.

You need to do your own market research and price out a fair market value on your bike. Your insurance company has found the lowest prices possible, and you need a more accurate estimation of your bike’s worth.

5. “What am I going to do after the police report said I was at fault?” Come to the Biker Lawyer.

Other lawyers only want to help you when it’s easy.

The Biker Lawyer is different. David Cole has successfully helped motorcyclists who are denied by insurance, or who were deemed to be at fault.

The Biker Lawyer fights for the rights of bikers. He won’t stop until you’ve received maximum compensation for your injuries, loss, and time. You need a motorcycle attorney that has your back.

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