Motorcycle crash faqs

common question & Answers you need to know

Every motorcycle accident is different, keep a cool head and think about these most common motorcycle accident questions.

What should I do after a crash?

Gather information such as the name of other driver, driver’s license information, vehicle license plate, witness information, take pictures of the vehicles, scene, other drivers, witnesses etc…, call the police for a report and contact us for help.

Do I need a motorcycle lawyer?

The short answer is YES! Shouldn’t your lawyer know about the things that really matter in a motorcycle crash, such as:

  • How a bike handles
  • Proper braking
  • Counter-steering
  • Tank slapping
  • Tar snakes
  • Uneven or grooved pavement

Can I handle this myself?

This is not a good idea. Remember, the insurance company is not your friend and will take advantage of what you don’t know. That is why for close to 30 years, bikers have depended on us to help them collect ALL of their damages.

Should I make a claim?

If you have suffered losses and the crash is not your fault, then YES! You cannot recover your losses until you make a claim. The insurance company will not call and offer help until you make a claim.

What if I don’t have medical insurance?

No problem we can help. We have top-notch medical providers willing to treat you and wait to be paid out of your settlement money. Your health is critical so you should never delay finding medical help due to lack of insurance.

What if the police report is wrong?

No worries. While straightening out a report may be difficult, we have done it hundreds of times. If you need help with this, do not delay in calling us. You want to address this while it is fresh on the officer’s mind, while the camera and video recordings are still available and before a witness may disappear.

Will a lawsuit be necessary?

Hopefully not. Sometimes lawsuits are necessary because there is a fight about who is at fault and/or the value of your claim. While most claims are settled without a lawsuit, if a suit is necessary, it must be filed on or before the 2 year anniversary of your crash.

What is my case worth? 

It depends on the nature of your injuries. For example, a bruised leg is worth less than a broken leg. Until we know all the information about your injuries and what the future holds for you, it is impossible to give a value. Things such as medical bills, lost wages, whether your injuries are permanent, scars etc… have a great impact on the value of your case.

Do I have to pay for a consult?

NEVER. Need an initial consult about what to do, call us and we will help, FREE OF CHARGE, in guiding you through the process.

Will I actually speak with a lawyer?

YES! When you need legal help, shouldn’t you expect to speak with a lawyer? This is why we are different. Most injury law firms have a stable legal of legal assistant taking calls. Not here!! Our lawyers are always available to talk about your case.

How do I pay my lawyer?

No recovery – NO FEE! It’s that simple. Your attorney’s fees are paid out of your settlement funds. No upfront costs and no out-of-pocket expenses.

David is a motorcyclist himself. He absolutely knows what it's like to share the road when you're on two wheels and all the other vehicles around, you are on four or more, and he understands that you have a right to the roadway.

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