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Not at Fault: 11 Facts about Motorcycle Accidents

Not at Fault: 11 Facts about Motorcycle Accidents

Rider vs. Driver: Who’s Really at Fault?

  1. 60% not at fault

    1. 60% of motorcycle accidents are NOT the rider’s fault
  2. <:02 seconds

    1. The amount of time a motorcyclist has to react in an accident

So Why Do Motorcyclists Get Such a Bad Rap?

  1. 92% self-taught

    1. 92% of riders are self taught or learned from family, with no official training
  1. 40% alcohol related

    1. 40% of fatal motorcycle accidents are related to riding while intoxicated
  2. 31% unlicensed or using the wrong license

    1. Nearly one in three motorcycle fatalities involve a rider with a suspended license or with no motorcycle license.That was 1,495 deaths in 2017, or 4 per day.
  3. 34-42% are single-vehicle accidents

    1. When riders swerve to avoid a collision, officers at the scene have a hard time pointing at who is at fault or what happened.

Where & When Are Riders in the Most Danger?

  1. 58% in the City

    1. 58% of fatal accidents occur in urban areas. 38% of fatal accidents are in rural areas.
  2. 35% Non-Interstate Major Roads

    1. Watch out for all the starts and stops, lane changes, and intersections. Riders are 3.5% more likely to get in a fatal accident on city streets than on the interstate, and 2.5 times more likely to get in a fatal accident on city streets than on minor roads.
  3. 40x higher risk in intersections

    1. As drivers make left turns, U-turns, or are looking in another direction, riders are at risk
  4. 3:00 pm Friday – 9:00 pm Sunday

    1. More accidents happen from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday than any time during the rest of the week.

Does Wearing a Helmet Actually Make a Difference?

  1. 59% vs. 8%

    1. 59% of fatal accidents in states WITHOUT universal helmet laws were crashes with no helmets. In states WITH universal helmet laws, 8% of fatal accidents had no helmets.

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