Proud to serve our troops

We welcome the opportunity to serve the men and women who have worked to protect our great nation.

Military Assistance

We’ve had the privilege to represent soldiers all over the great state of Texas who work to keep us safe.

If you are an active duty, reserve, or veteran that’s been in a wreck: call us. We will work on your behalf with the legal system, insurance companies, hospitals, impound lots and more to make sure you get the compensation for damages, lost wages, pain and suffering that you deserve.

Starting in 2017, with each case we open for a member of the military, will donate $100 to the Veteran’s Association North Texas Health Care System. For every case we settle, will donate $250 to Texas Honor Ride, an organization that raises funds to help improve the quality of life for wounded servicemen and their families.

To learn more about the story that inspired this program, see our blog about Lt. Jon Farr.