Fighting For Our VETS!!

December 30, 2018

The Biker Lawyer team obtained justice on behalf of a disabled veteran in Waco who had been battling an insurance company for years. They doubted his injuries, questioned his integrity and refused to pay.

This wasn’t the first drawn-out fight in Lt. Jon Farr’s life. As a member of the 19 Delta of the 124th Calvary in the US Army, serving 2 tours in Iraq and 2 more tours in Afghanistan, he fought to save the very system that was failing him in his time of need. His sacrifice during these tours had torn away at the very fabric of who he was. Left him in physical and emotional pain with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Lt. Farr’s life would never be the same.

Upon returning to Waco, Jon found a job tried to return to a normal life. While riding his bike on a warm August afternoon in 2012, all hell broke loose. A car crashed into Jon wrecking his bike and causing serious injuries. To pour salt in the wounds, the Waco law firm he originally hired dropped his case weeks before the statute of limitations expired.

That’s when Jon called us and we immediately sprung to action. Biker Lawyer filed a lawsuit, took depositions and ultimately achieved a fair settlement with enough money to cover his medical expenses, his bike damages with money left over in his pocket

During our final visit, Jon took the time to tell us his military story which is told through his tattoos. It is a deep meaningful story of dedication to this country and to the brothers and sisters he served alongside. While saddened by the way he had been treated, we are honored to have helped him put together some of the small broken pieces in his life.

To that end, starting in 2017, for every case that we open for a member of the military, Biker Lawyer will donate $100 to the Veteran’s Association North Texas Health Care System. And, for every case that we settle, we’ll donate $250 to Texas Honor Ride, an organization that raises funds to help improve the quality of life for wounded servicemen and their families.

All of us at salute John Farr, and all those like him who so bravely sacrificed to keep us safe. It was an honor to serve you.

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