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Fractured Leg, Arm & Ribs

Traumatic Brain Injury

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Fractured Arm & Scrotal Tear

Damaged Lymphatic System

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Fractured Leg, Sternum, & Ribs,

Nerve Damage In Legs

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Fractured Leg, Arm & Ribs

Traumatic Brain Injury

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Fractured Leg, Arm, & Ribs

Leg Amputation

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Fractured Pelvis, Leg, & Ribs

Injured Colon & Spleen

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Assessing the Value of Your Claim after a motorcycle accident

Clearly, when a Waco motorcycle accident leads to injury, you have the right to fair and unbiased compensation. It is imperative to understand that acknowledging fault without the assistance of legal representation is a path we strongly advise against

And this is just the initial phase for a motorcycle accident lawyer.  Subsequently, You'll find yourself handling a range of matters including:

  1. Arrangements for your rides
  2. Resolving the aftermath of the accident
  3. Scheduling visits to medical facilities
  4. Addressing the mounting medical expenses
  5. Receiving visits from concerned family members
  6. Navigating through various unforeseen expenditures

At Biker Lawyer, we are dedicated to securing the compensation you deserve.

The team of motorcycle accident attorneys at Biker Lawyer, serving the Dallas/Fort Worth, Waco, Austin, and the rest of Texas firmly stands beside you right from the beginning. We possess a keen awareness of the hazardous nature of motorcycle riding. Hence, we can meticulously manage cases involving motorcycle accidents daily, assuring every individual and their dear ones that they are under the care of highly competent and proficient hands.

Contact Biker Lawyer today for a FREE CASE REVIEW to discuss your specific concerns, and let us provide the legal support you need during this difficult time.   


At biker lawyer we are dedicated to fighting the greedy insurance companies

Insurance companies are prepared to capitalize on the susceptibility of individuals involved in motorcycle accidents. This is a situation we encounter daily, and at Biker Lawyer Waco, our objective is clear. We strive to advocate your right to receive fair and rightful compensation for the damages you have experienced in a bike accident whether it be in Dallas, Waco, Austin, San Antonio, Abilene or any part of Texas, the Texas Biker Lawyer is here to serve you.   

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The Trusted Motorcycle Accident Attorney

As a motorcycle rider, acquaintances or companions might have a connection to the realm of motorcycling and might have encountered portrayals in movies—ever heard of James Dean?—ultimately, they fail to truly grasp the sense of liberation, intensity, potency, and camaraderie inherent in the act of riding.

The dedication of time, careful preparation, and unyielding attention to safety details required for maneuvering life on two wheels, particularly in the unique Texas terrain, might not be comprehended by many bikers.

The experienced lawyers at Biker Lawyer Texas specializes in motorcycle accidents. We engage in a diverse assortment of complex responsibilities aimed at assisting victims and their families in obtaining the essential compensation needed to cover medical costs. We also help them recover lost earnings and ease various other hardships.  Contact Biker Lawyer today at 866-983-5602 or online to set up a free consultation and talk about your case.

Provided below is a list of some of these tasks. It’s crucial to recognize that each case holds its distinct attributes, and not every item mentioned may be relevant in every situation:

Offering the client an exhaustive comprehension of the procedures involved in personal injury claims and the array of legal choices available

• Collecting tangible evidence encompassing police reports, medical documents, invoices, as well as wage loss records

• Conducting a thorough assessment of the client’s insurance coverage to identify all potential safeguards

Recording statements from witnesses

Compiling additional tangible proof, including photographs and videos

• Evaluating the potential obligation of the client’s health insurance policy or welfare benefit plan to reimburse expenses incurred for bill payments 

Scrutinizing the legitimacy of any claims on the case

• Managing all interactions with the insurance adjuster to ensure the client’s utmost interests are safeguarded

• Engaging in negotiations to establish an equitable settlement agreement with the insurance company • Filing a lawsuit, if deemed necessary, and representing the client during the trial

• Evaluating the jury’s verdict to ascertain the feasibility and requirement of an appeal

Feel free to let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with!


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