Why Are Bike Cases Different?

April 28, 2020

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In our almost 30 years of handling bike cases, it has become clear that Motorcycle (aka Bike accidents) are many times more difficult than car wreck cases. Why? Here are a few reasons which make motorcycle accident cases harder to win than car crashes:

Jury Bias

Trial after trial has proven that Biker bias is real and must be dealt with. A “real” biker lawyer will know how to properly prepare to attack these biases while many “car wreck” lawyers won’t have a clue. While seeing Peter Fonda in Easy Rider is cool on the big screen, many people associate ALL bikers with the TV outlaw biker or the crotch rocket rider doing 100 mph. Most riders are regular folk, just like you and me. If you plan to be successful with your motorcycle injury case, you need a motorcycle lawyer who has spent decades fighting for bikers and overcoming Biker bias.

Visual Issues

Have you ever compared a bike moving past a billboard versus an 18-wheeler? Though these vehicles are traveling at the same speed, a bike can look like it is flying while the truck appears to move slower. This perception is critical to your case. There is an explanation for this (speed-size-illusion) that an experienced motorcycle attorney will understand. We have handled hundreds of claims that were initially denied by the insurance company only to have the insurance company ultimately pay.

Serious Injuries

Unfortunately, bikers generally suffer more severe injuries from motorcycle accidents when compared to drivers and passengers in automobile accidents. Serious injuries require a serious lawyer to understand severe head injuries, complicated neck, and spine injuries, or amputations. In these situations, not only are the injuries potentially life-changing, so is the legal case.

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