Bike Maintenance

April 13, 2020

Ever been soaking up a beautiful day on your bike only to suffer mechanical problem or break down? Typically, you are not close to home when this happens. So how to protect against this? Regular maintenance will help overcome many problems

1.) For God’s Sake, Clean Your Bike- Sounds simple but many of ride day after day without properly cleaning out dirt and debris. Believe it or not, your bike’s manual typically has great suggestions. FOLLOW THEM! Things like dirty spark plugs, grease and grim may lead to a rough day.

2.) Fuel System – Some bikes have carburetors, while others are fuel-injected. Dirty fuel can cause big problems. Use an additive occasionally to clean the system. Also, old fuel will break down so dispose of it and use new fuel. Also, hoses can dry out and crack. Inspect them regularly before you hit the road.

3.) Tires – Treat them as if they are the only thing between you and the asphalt. Look for wear, improper pressure and cracks. Never go cheap on tires. They are well worth the price.

4.) Batteries – Bike batteries are different from cars and have a shorter life. Invest in a voltage meter, it is the best way to determine the condition of your battery. Look to your owner’s manual for suggestions on the care for your battery. Many suggest charging after every ride. Sounds like a little much but could safe your day.

5.) Chains – It is critical your chain is properly lubricated chain. If not, it could lease to a catastrophic failure such as binding, locking of the drive train, snapping etc. which could damage your engine or lead to an accident. Don’t chance it! Lube your chain.

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