Fact Check: Helmets Block Vision And Impair Hearing

March 3, 2020

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Another common myth regarding helmets and motorcyclists is that they block your ability to see or hear danger. This is not true nor is it supported by statistics. Wearing a helmet actually does the opposite: the visor provides eye protection from wind and debris, allowing a rider to see better. It also cuts down on wind noise so the rider can hear better. Also, by decreasing the noise and wind pressure on the head, helmets actually reduce fatigue. Wearing a helmet does not increase the risk of having an accident. It certainly reduces the likelihood of serious injury if you were to get in a crash, though.

The thing you learn when you dig into the research is that motorcycle riders who use helmets crash less frequently than those who don’t. Maybe that happens because motorcyclists who decide to wear helmets have a better or more realistic attitude about riding. Maybe it’s because putting on a helmet is a reminder that what you are about to do can be dangerous and the act of accepting protection puts you in the right mindset. Maybe it’s because a helmet provides eye protection and cuts down wind noise so you can actually see and hear better. Maybe its because, by cutting wind pressure and noise, a helmet reduces fatigue. Whatever the reasons, wearing a helmet clearly does not increase a motorcyclist’s risk of having an accident and wearing one correlates to reduced likelihood of an accident.

Fact Check – mostly NOT TRUE!

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