Accident Guide

Knowledge Is Power.

The reality is…if you’re a Texas biker, it’s not a matter of if you’ll be involved in an accident, but when. Knowing the right (and wrong) things to do at the scene can be critical to ensuring your immediate legal and financial protection as well as your physical and emotional well-being down the road. That’s where we come in. Biker Lawyer is a specialized division of Cole Legal Group. We are not just personal injury lawyers’, we are also relentless riders – making us uniquely qualified to provide a set of “road rules” to help protect you against the potential fallout of a crash.


Unless your injuries require otherwise, don’t leave the scene of an accident until you have called the police and they have documented the accident. It’s important to obtain the other driver(s) name, address and phone number. Write down the license plate and registration numbers of the vehicle(s) involved in the accident. Ask the other driver(s) to show you their license, give you their phone numbers, their insurance company name and policy numbers. Obtain the names, phone numbers and addresses of all eyewitnesses. Don’t say you are not injured until you have seen a medical professional.

Road Rule #2: STATEMENTS

Do not discuss the accident with anyone except the investigating police officer, and then, only the basic facts. Statements made to your lawyer are confidential.


Take notes of important details; draw a sketch, take pictures to preserve skid marks, the position of the vehicles and other physical evidence that will likely disappear after the accident.


CALL BIKER LAWYER before speaking or giving a statement to anyone. Remember, insurance companies profit by denying claims.


Refer all claims against you to your biker attorney. Do not pay or promise to pay any claimant. Immediately forward all papers to your attorney.


An attorney is best equipped to advise you as to your legal rights to recover a fair and reasonable settlement. Protect your legal rights and seek competent legal advice.


We protect our own. Because we are passionate about riding, we specialize in motorcycle accidents.

Every day, we bring our experience in dealing with insurance companies, deadlines, forms, claims, witnesses, preserving evidence and protecting Texas motorcycle accident victims to the table in every case. Oftentimes, insurance companies don’t take these claims seriously until a lawyer is involved. We make it our business to protect Texas motorcycle accident victims.


In cases of serious collisions, dealing with insurance companies can be almost as much of a pain in the neck as the wreck itself. Is the other driver accusing you of fault? Did you request the help of law enforcement while at the scene of the accident? Were multiple motorists involved? Did weather conditions play a factor? All these things can be a headache, especially if the insurance companies use them as reason to deny your claim, or reduce your compensation. Hiring specialized legal representation is critical to your success.

It begins with knowing the right questions to ask:


Do they have personal riding experience? Our lawyers ride and bring that personal experience to each and every case. We aggressively make it our business to protect injured Bikers statewide. Consultations are always free and you will owe Biker Lawyer nothing unless a recovery is made. We will even help you with your property damage for FREE! How many Texas motorcycle accidents has the lawyer handled? The wide majority of our cases are motorcycle accidents. We know about issues such as tar snakes, high siding, counter-steering, lane-splitting and tank slapping and can effectively argue those issues to insurance companies, jurors and/or a judge.

Is the lawyer passionate about getting equal justice for motorcyclists? David Cole actively participates the Texas Legislative day to further biker rights and protection. Bill Ley has won both the ABATE Freedom Fighter Award and the Texas Motorcyclist Roadriders Association Equal Rights Award for his efforts on behalf of motorcyclists in the courts, the Legislature and elsewhere. Biker Lawyer publishes and distributes, at its own expense, the motorcycle rights newspaper, Texas Rider. Equal Justice for motorcyclists is imperative.

Will you have to go to the lawyer's office every time you need help – or will your concerns be dealt with fully and promptly over the phone? Biker Lawyer will travel you to meet you about your case at your convenience. We make you and your case a priority. About emergency help – Certain things need to be done in the first hours after a wreck, like getting witness statements, skid measurements and photographs, things that may be impossible later. Do them wrong, or hire the wrong lawyer, and you may never get your damages paid. We can help you avoid mistakes. Emergency advice is free, so call us!

What about attorney fees? The emergency advice we give in injury cases is always free. After that we do charge. There are no attorney's fees, and no attorney's expenses, unless we recover enough to pay them. You do not have to pay our expenses if we lose. You will still have your doctor bills, motorcycle damages and lost wages, but don’t have to pay us anything for having tried. We get paid out of the recovery, or we just don't get paid. Our contract contains no "fine print." It is one page of plain English in large type, and easy to understand. Call us if you’d like to read it.

How about a "hometown" lawyer? Your case is handled exactly the same way a lawyer in your own city would: by phone, letter, email and fax, often dealing with someone out of state. If necessary, we send our investigator, photographer, nurse, peace officer, mechanic or other expert. We have handled hundreds of cases across the Great State of Texas and feel just as comfortable in Laredo and we do in Lubbock, Austin, Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio.